Managing your Operations team in the field is all about People, Places & their Phones – the 3 Ps of our Workforce Management Platform.

The 1st P — About Phones

A modern-day phone is a veritable supercomputer with over 10 sensors ranging from GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Image, Light Sensor, Proximity, NFC, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and more.  These sensors detect activities in and around the phone to provide a range of data that can be used for context-aware services. allGeo works with a handful of these sensors (GPS, WiFi, Image) to provide highly accurate, battery-efficient indoors / outdoors location data and job-status updates from the field.   In addition, our app works with the native messaging capabilities of the phone to support 2-way communication using Text & in-App messaging.  Besides using these native sensors, allGeo has tightly integrated with a wide range of telecom operator’s APIs and Web APIs to address the modern business workforce workflow needs.

For the field employees, allGeo wraps these capabilities into a lite-touch app for job site time-clocking, task updates, group communication, note capture, and proof-of-delivery features (via upcoming features like geo-tagged Photo and signature capture).  All of these features combine to provide a best-of-breed mobile workforce management platform delivered over the cloud to any phone or SIM-enabled device connected to the web.

The 2nd P — About Places

allGeo provides a visual geo-fencing tool that lets customers rapidly set up job sites (as polygons, circles, and corridors) to create virtual work perimeters.  These virtual places are then used to trigger in/out events, presence events, location-tagged messaging, calculations for hours-of-work, distance traveled, etc.   With a geo-fenced worksite (‘Place’), an employee can use our zero-touch app to generate perfect time-clocking reports for payroll.

The 3rd P — About People & Privacy

The people on your team are what makes your business succeed or fail. allGeo can help employees become more productive and accountable while addressing any new privacy concerns at play.  allGeo lets companies gather the important job status and payroll information they need for their critical business needs while being respectful of their employees’ privacy needs. We actively work with our business customers and their HR department to help outline a privacy framework which puts the employee firmly in control of their privacy.   The company sets the term of employment while the employees set the terms of their privacy.

We combine this to create fine-grained privacy controls such as: allow location detection, time clocking & messaging only on Mondays-Friday between 9-6;   Do not allow between 12-12:45 lunch hours;  Do not allow when I have clocked-out via the app.  We are constantly learning from the evolving mobile ecosystem, our customers and their employees to institute better privacy policies and controls. 

allGeo combines these 3 Ps with an If-This-Then-That Rules language to enable setting up complex business rules in simple terms e.g.  let the dispatcher know when someone is late getting to the job site; send an alert when some is at a site for more than 1 hour; check out a user automatically if it is after 6 pm; switch off privacy permission if a user has checked-out; broadcast a message to the entire team if there is an incoming message from the field; trigger alerts in a lone-worker-safety scenario; automatically send a reminder to the user if he has failed to check-in by 9am on Wednesday; warn the user if he is speeding above 60 miles/hour; for every location event, make an API call to an external ERP system; Provide a visualization dashboard with live events from the field for just-in-time decision making by the operations manager.

As an example of a company using this system to see marked improvements in its field operations, please review our Apartment Rental Assistance case-study.

Apartment Rental Assistance Inc is one of the leading property management firms in the US.

“Lost productivity is one of the biggest problems I face with managing 750 employees.  By implementing the allGeo service my employees are aware that there is a sense of urgency in their workday and they’re encouraged not to be counterproductive.  We anticipate, when fully implemented, that each employee will increase 30 to 40 minutes per day at least in productivity.”  Marc Menowitz, Principal, Apartment Rental Assistance Inc

The best-in-class SaaS platform, allGeo lets you provision highly customized rules that fit your work style based around your people, your places and your phones, to optimize team productivity while balancing employee privacy.

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