In the field service industry, staying ahead requires efficiency, accuracy, and innovation. For one F1000 company, the key to enhancing their field service operations came in the form of allGeo’s Field Service Automation Platform. 

By embracing cutting-edge technology and implementing the allGeo Field Service Management app, this company revolutionized its approach to field service management. This case study highlights their journey from manual processes to streamlined automation.


Field service workflows can be quite complex, with several different steps and competing demands that can include:

  • Scheduling assignments, work orders, and employee shifts. Usually, this information is in .csv files, Google Calendar, ERP, or scheduling systems.

  • Dispatch passes information such as shift details, daily or weekly reminders, and task notes to the field employees through SMS, Email, Voice, or App.

  • Collect Field Data involves logging attendance at geofenced job sites and collecting task-related data via notes, customizable mobile forms, photographs, client signatures, and QR/Barcode scans.
  • Monitoring is all about viewing your team in the field in real time. You can monitor field operations with exception alerts based on customer workflow rules (IFTTT or IF-This-Then-That).

  • Reporting is about gathering real-time field intelligence and insights to improve payroll, productivity, and operations. Integration of the reports with Payroll and HCM systems enables more automation.

Each of these steps can vary from company to company and can take a considerable amount of time to map properly among the key stakeholders and requirements (SLAs, OSHA requirements, KPIs, etc.).

So how do you put it all together?

Here’s how one F1000 facility management company applied the allGeo platform to their field service automation needs.


The company launched a determined search for a service that could improve its operations and help it meet its SLA and safety requirements. The highly customized implementation combines a range of automated and manual data collection for service inspection and maintenance staff including GPS tracking, geo-fencing, QR code scans at specific points of interest, note capture & GPS-tagged photos, and intelligent mobile forms. This data collection was then tied to a complex “If Then That” (IFTTT) workflow rules to provide management with job status and exception alerts that could trigger dispatch and safety messaging flows.

Here’s a sample “day in the life” of a large facilities inspector.

  • The employee’s allGeo app auto-starts based on their shift schedule.

  • Once the allGeo app is connected, the allGeo platform synchs via an integration with the Company’s work ticket system to dispatch a list of tasks and work orders to the allGeo app on the employee’s phone. This can include custom, partially pre-filled inspection forms.

  • The employee’s presence at the facility is logged by GPS tracking plus a geofence around the facility.
    • This can trigger an “on-site” message to their manager or dispatcher.
    • Tracking can also be automatically suspended and re-started for employee break periods depending on employee and Union contracts and requirements.

  • The employee conducts their inspection walk of the facility against their work order list. That work order can direct them to take certain actions. Most commonly:
    • Scan a QR code to log attendance at a specific point in the facility (e.g., a breakroom, bathroom, piece of equipment, etc.)

    • Record their inspection using the related mobile form.
      • This can include dependent fields with pick lists, buttons, and free-hand data entry (text and numbers)
      • Data fields can also be tied to message triggers. For example, if the employee inspects a boiler logs the temperature and pressure in the form, and submits it, the system can note values that exceed safety parameters and trigger a safety message flow to management.
      • Embed photos to show the condition of the site
      • Sign the form at the point of inspection and submit

    • Monitor employee activities for potential issues and trigger related message flows.
      • Are they active? If the employee’s phone app stops responding they could get an automated message reminding them to use the app during their work shift, with an app-start hot link.
      • Did they miss a job? The employee’s work order list can be tied to a time of day/completion requirement that is based on the company’s SLA. If the employee fails to submit their inspection report on time, allGeo can alert management to take follow-up actions.
      • Are they OK? If the employee’s app is running but they are spending too much time in one location, that could indicate an accident like a fall, and trigger a safety message workflow to the employee and their manager.

    • Real-time communications via the app lets the company dispatch new work orders during the day to available employees, and allow team texting.

  • All the data captured by the allGeo platform is sent to the Company’s ERP software suite, including
    • Work ticket system & CRM system
    • Payroll software
    • Analytics software



The Customer has said, “We’re impressed with how allGeo performs within the 4-wall environment of the facilities we manage. We now can monitor and collect employee attendance, inspection, and process data throughout the day, across all three shifts – it’s exactly what we needed to address the management of a very mobile workforce. The allGeo team has been great to work with and has gone above and beyond to assist us wherever possible.”

The allGeo solution has helped the company achieve its contract compliance goals, control payroll and operating costs, and boost employee productivity, accountability, and safety.

Contact us to learn more about customizing your field service workflow and measuring field performance.


About allGeo

allGeo helps SMBs and Enterprise businesses better manage mobile workforce and field operations with tools such as real-time location, GPS time and attendance, geofence visit logs, Lone worker safety, Mobile forms, and more! All the tools can be highly customized to fit each use case. The platform features a powerful rules engine and integrates with popular back-end CRM, HRMS, and Payroll systems to automate day-to-day operations.

allGeo serves customers from a wide range of industries including field service management, trade services, emergency responders, sales reps, transportation & logistics, oil & gas, and home health care providers. These customers do report improvement in productivity and savings in payroll.

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