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allGeo: Field Service Management & Optimization Service

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allGeo  is a hosted location & messaging platform for solutions such as Mobile Resource Management & Optimization.

The platform is used to enable location monitoring and messaging to any field deployed asset without needing any apps, data plan or special devices.

allGeo solutions can be employed in industries such as Transportation, Government, Healthcare, Construction, and for Small-to-Medium sized businesses with field services personnel and assets.

It can also be employed by end-users with vehicle, family tracking needs. allGeo delivers this service as a hosted solution with no end user apps and provisioning on the client devices, thus greatly reducing the total-cost-of-ownership for the end customers.

Benefits of a cloud-based location & messaging solution

  • Use real-time cell phone tracking for easy mobile-resource-management to ensure good customer service. The solution can ensure accurate pick-up & delivery times while ensuring beneficial utilization of company vehicles and personnel

  • Use a cell phone for time & attendance records (capture onsite arrival/departure times). Improve employee productivity

  • Effectively manage field personnel with real-time information and directives from HQ central offices

  • Manage efficient fuel consumption and provide better asset/vehicle allocations to the operations team

  • Get better insurance rates on vehicles that have a Real-Time GPS system

  • Locate lost or stolen property with exact location details and geographical positioning

  • Integrate asset history and live tracking data into business processes to improve accountability, planning and budget management

  • Provide safety and security to children, pets and other family members with direct assistance and support

allGeo Platform Details

allGeo services run on top of the hosted location & messaging platform. The platform uses cloud-based, network resources to locate, control and communicate with devices in the field without needing any special apps. In addition, the platform provides a console for provisioning & management of these cell phone devices; a smart-phone based monitoring application for managers to manage their assets on the go; an analytics engine and a reporting system. The data from the platform can be published into any backend using the platform’s web services API or EDI plugin.

2.1 Device

allGeo works on any phone on most major carriers in the US including AT&T, TMObile, SPrint, Verizon, Cricket, Boost. No Apps required. No Data Plan required.

If you have a device you can contact us by email at to discuss how we can support it!

2.2. Smart Phone applications

allGeo phone app enables managers to Track, remotely configure, and view the history of any resource using a secure, easy-to-use mobile interface. The application is currently available on Android, iPhone devices.

2.3. Web-based Administration tool

This is a provisioning tool for customers to manage resources (assets, employees). The tool supports the following features:

  • Register and set up accounts for the mobile phones
  • Register and setup manager accounts for these phones.
  • Setup Location events based triggers to launch business rules processing

Once provisioned, the business customer will be able to monitor their employees and assets via the web portal. The application works with Google and specially-provisioned local maps.

2.4. Web-based Tracking & Visualization application

allGeo can help managers visualize & communicate with their assets in the field. This application can be launched from within any web browser and displays live and historical tracker data on a local map. This application serves as the primary tool for the managers and provides the following features:

2.5. Alerts

The allGeo service enables an administrator to setup various rules to trigger SMS, Email and phone call based alerts based on location & messaging from the field device. Rules can be set to trigger alerts for violating geo-fences, over-speeding, emergency alert, kid & patient safety alerts etc.

2.6. Business Rules Adaptor, Analytics & API

allGeo provides complete data portability and can hook the application data such as Longitude, latitude, address, speed, battery level, external inputs, geo-fences, and waypoints into a customer’s business rules engine. allGeo provides analytics on this data and a web-services based API for custom-integration with internal business processes OR external web resources e.g. payroll, accounting, dispatch center etc.

2.7. Web Reports offers industry-standard data feeds such as CSV, XML, KML, JSON and web page based reports on the aforementioned data.

2.8. Demonstration

Please visit us at for FREE trial account. You can get in touch with us at OR call us at 415-49-MYGEO to setup a demonstration of allGeo service for your business needs.

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