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Improving Efficiency of Workforce Payroll Management

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Illustration of workforce payroll management elements such as a calculator and dollar bag, with two field service employees.

It’s that time of the week when you find yourself helplessly in the middle of the off-site employee time sheets that are all over the place, difficult to read, verify, calculate and process. With all the business demands you face, you’re probably in a hurry to just get done with workforce payroll management.

It is estimated that a most mobile businesses lose an average of 6.1% in payroll “slippage” (inaccurate claims) and fraudulent claims every year (that’s excluding mileage). Chances are your business is too.

All experts agree that putting an efficient workforce payroll process in place can save you up to 10% on payroll costs.

But what’s the best way to start solving this problem? Well, determining the best approach to managing the workforce payroll of your mobile employees depends of following few factors:

  • Number of employees – current and planned
  • Types of Employees: Full time or Contract labor or both
  • Compensation terms (hourly, commission or salaried)
  • In-house resources & expertise

So if you’re an owner-operator business, you’re probably inclined towards the DIY( do-it-yourself) model which is fine. But if you have employees out in the field getting paid on an hourly basis, then you probably want to consider a mobile workforce management software.

It can keep track of employees and their time spent on each job and automate the workforce payroll process. This can save your business a significant amount of money on each payroll. The best mobile workforce management software is one that allows third-party payroll integrations. This way, your workflow will be end-to-end automated.

There is more than one way to solve this problem for your business.

Workforce Payroll: App based Time-clocking 

There’s a wide range of smartphone apps that can keep tracking of employee time and billable hours. To do this the employee just needs to use to app to check-in /out and mark job status as and when. But not all applications are capable of providing location details that can verify employees’ claims – the worker could just as well be clocking in from their sofa and you’ll never know.

Further, it can be useful to know their location especially when you have to provide time and attendance to your clients. Some apps can provide your location information even if the workers are indoors.

Cloud Based Time Keeping for all Phones

This new approach to mobile time clocking and employee management offloads the intelligence from an app on a smartphone, and keeps it in the network, on the web. This type of service typically doesn’t require any type of application to be installed and requires a minimal end-user involvement.

Here the employee can simply use text messages to clock in clock out and the system can automatically record the time and location of their activities to sum up their billable hours. This approach works on any phone, from a flip phone to smartphones. Employees can also call into a phone# to use interactive-voice-response (IVR) based check-in/out.

These solutions can definitely save your business a significant payroll cost each year and add to your savings.

About allGeo

allGeo is a first-of-its-kind cloud-hosted mobile resource management platform that supports both

  1. 100% Cloud based mobile workforce management solution that is easy to provision and manage employees that are using disparate devices. It requires no end-user training and involvement. This works especially well in contract workers environment. The solution also supports voice-based check-in/checkout feature.
  2. Smartphone app based mobile workforce management solution that supports Outdoors and Indoor positioning (using WiFi, GPS) and simple check-in/checkout using easy to use buttons. The app also supports heavy bread-crumbing use-case (e.g. track the phone throughout the workday, every 15min).

Using any of the above allGeo platform supports:

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