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Best Mobile Workforce Management App: Boost Profitability Throughout Your Seasonal ‘Boom & Bust’

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Mobile workforce management services like allGeo can become a new force multiplier to not only help you better manage your seasonal workers but also help you build a consistent culture of accountability and efficiency across your entire business on a year-round basis.

But not all systems are a good fit for the seasonal, cyclical nature of your business.

Only the best-in-class systems such as allGeo can support the seasonal peaks and valleys of your business cycle, easily scaling up and down based on your workforce needs and help you achieve productivity gains and payroll savings throughout the year. Here are some of the things to look for in a mobile workforce management service for your seasonal business:

  • BYOD / Supports Any Phone: Since most of your seasonal employees will be contract based, using their own phones during their contract work. Your mobile workforce management system must be able to work on all phones – flip phones and smartphones. The employees can use apps, text messaging or voice calls to complete all their check-ins & task updates from the field. This will eliminate the need to invest in any special devices for your team and makes it easier to manage your service.
  • Privacy Controls: It is important that the system offers a strong privacy controls. This will help in striking the best balance between productivity and employee privacy. This assurance of employee privacy also goes a long way in successful adoption, making it a win-win for both company and the employees.
  • Scalability: The ideal system should be able scale up and down on-demand, so you can add and remove employees per your business needs. You should also consider keeping some aspect of the mobile workforce management service in place all year round as a critical “best practice” business tool. This continuity will help not let the business lapse into bad practices during off season and then have to scramble for service coverage as things get busy.
  • Low Touch, Low Overhead: A low touch service with rapid roll-out and limited end-user involvement will save a lot of time in training your seasonal workforce and ensure quicker returns on investment.

“Lost productivity is one of the biggest problems I face with managing 750 employees. By implementing the allGeo system, the employees are aware that there is a sense of urgency in their workday and they’re encouraged not to be counterproductive. And each employee increases 30 to 40 minutes per day at least in productivity.”

– Marc Menowitz, Owner, Apartment Rental Corporation.

Want to see how you can boost your team’s productivity by 10-15% while saving thousands of dollars in payroll and opex costs? Click here and try allGeo free for 14 days from here.

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