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The Untapped Profit Center – Your Own Mobile Employees

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When you’re reading up on management tips and tricks on how to improve your business, you often run into people declaring new profit centers, or ROI centers, for businesses like yours. But you don’t have to look far to rediscover your most valuable profit center – your *own* mobile employees.

You can save thousands of dollars, and earn thousands more, by using some simple management tools that help you better manage your mobile employees’ time and payroll expenses.

What to Look For

As always, choose the service that’s most appropriate for your needs, and keep in mind that you don’t have to adopt a complex mobile workforce management system to start reaping the cost savings and productivity gains benefits. Just knowing when your employees actually started and stopped a job can save you thousands of dollars in billable hours and payroll expenses. And if you can also tell that the employee stayed on the job when they’re supposed to, and have some other easy-at-hand information, like who the closest employee to a new job opportunity, you can earn thousands more for your business through direct productivity gains.

Your employees may all be stand-up people, but even the best may cut a few corners here and there – showing up just 15min late to a job site, which they don’t report. Or maybe they take an extra long break now and again. It doesn’t seem like much, but it all adds up to big costs for your company.

How the Numbers Add Up

Here’s a pretty common savings scenario that allGeo frequently sees with our customers (we often see a 5-10% payroll savings, and a 10-15% productivity gain). These numbers may not be yours, but should give you a good idea of how they can rapidly add up for you.

Let’s say that Home Plumbing Co employs ten plumbers, and they get paid an average of $23/hour (which is the median hourly wage according to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics). They do an average of 3-4 jobs a day and work a more or less 40 hour work week, across 48 weeks during the year.

In this scenario, Home Plumbing Co can save over $22,000 per year if they can just shave 5% off their payroll costs — or a half-hour of productive paid time a day!

And that’s not including mileage reimbursement savings and back office savings through less time spent on payroll and so on.

But the average allGeo customer also sees a big revenue boost from productivity gains – more accurate time management and team awareness means your team can complete a few more jobs a week than before. How does this benefit you? Let’s run the numbers. Let’s say that Home Plumbing Co charges $117/billable hour (another BLS average) and each worker racks up six billable hours of work a day.

In this scenario, Home Plumbing Co can take in an additional $168,000 in billable hours per year if they can score a modest 10% increase in productivity – just 1 or 2 extra jobs a week can add up fast for your bottom line.

The ROI for Home Plumbing co is close to $200,000 a year!

If you haven’t used a workforce management tool before, maybe it’s time you did. And if you are using one, take a look at the benefits versus the costs of your current service. A well designed service should make your life easier, not more difficult through cumbersome layers of admin screens and task bars.

Check your own ROI here using this simple tool.

About allGeo

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