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New Way to Do Business for Load Brokers

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A new way to do business for fleet managers and load brokers with innovative cloud-based technology?

We seem to be at the beginning of a new trend in the trucking industry. Freight brokerage software technology for load tracking using drivers cell-phones makes it a lot easier and hassle free to track loads from their source all the way to their destination.

Fleet managers and dispatchers can view in real-time where all the drivers are located on their computer or smart phone app. They do not need to call the driver anymore to find out where they are. They can provide customer with accurate estimates of when they can expect their load to arrive.

Drivers will not get interrupted by check calls any more. They do not even need to clock in and clock out. Their hours-of-service information and mileage information are calculated automatically saving them time and effort. Alerts and communication with fleet managers based on events on the road makes it easier for the logistics companies to plan their operations better. All of this is easily done using the phone with or without an app.

Freight managers and load brokers can quickly deploy cloud-based technology on an ad-hoc or as needed basis. They can add drivers and remove drivers from the system when dealing with a contingent work force. To deploy freight brokerage software for load tracking, all they have to do is key in or import the phone numbers of the drivers into the system. Drivers will right away get a text message to provide their permission for tracking. Tracking is done using GPS which pin-points their location as they drive to their location. Once the load is delivered, the driver’s tracking permission can be removed for complete privacy controls.

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Beyond the convenience factor, all the data that is collected on every single load can be stored and analyzed to understand everything from individual driver efficiency, operations planning at the pick & drop off points, fuel usage and real-time activities on the road.

In spite of the enormous benefits of automatic load tracking, we have to take note of privacy issues for drivers whose whereabouts are tracked when load tracking is switched on. The ability for drivers to turn automatic load tracking on at the start of the day and turn it off at the end of the day or when they deliver the load to the destination is important. It is a permission-based system that provides them the fine-grained privacy controls that they need.

Freight brokerage software must have adequate for it to be widely adopted. It must be able to support all carriers and all types of phones to be universally accepted. There is no doubt that this exciting technology is gaining ground quickly in the trucking industry.

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