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End-to-End Guide: Automate Your Field Service Employees’ Time and Attendance Management

Illustration with time and attendance management app elements
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Illustration with time and attendance management app elements

Effective monitoring of your workforce’s time and attendance is essential for enhancing business performance and productivity. Implementing efficient timekeeping strategies aids employees in meeting project goals and deadlines, improving client satisfaction, and fostering a greater understanding of employee productivity.

Time and attendance tracking is a vital component of field service operations. By keeping a record of when and where employees start and end their shifts, businesses can ensure accurate payroll calculations, comply with labor laws, and maintain employee accountability. 

Additionally, time and attendance data enables management to identify patterns, optimize resource allocation, and make informed decisions regarding workforce scheduling.

In 2022, the worldwide Time and Attendance software market held a value of USD 3.82 billion. 

North America leads the global market for time and attendance software, driven primarily by increased adoption among businesses aiming to boost competitiveness.

In 2022, North America emerged as the top revenue-generating region with USD 1.46 billion in the Time and Attendance Software Market. This region is projected to sustain a CAGR of 10.61% throughout the forecast period. 

Many factors have affected this growth. These include organization sizes, the presence of international market players in the U.S., and the widening application scope of time and attendance software have all played pivotal roles in driving market expansion in North America.

By 2030, it is forecasted to attain USD 9.89 billion, exhibiting a CAGR of 11.05% from 2023 to 2030.

How Does Buddy Punching & Time Theft Affect Business?

1. Increased Costs and Inaccurate Payroll

Buddy punching, where employees clock in or out for absent colleagues, and time theft, where employees falsify their working hours, directly impact payroll accuracy. These practices lead to inflated labor costs as businesses pay for hours not actually worked. For example, if a field service technician punches in for a colleague who is late or absent, the company ends up paying for unproductive hours.

2. Decreased Productivity and Service Quality

Buddy punching and time theft also result in decreased productivity and compromised service quality. When employees manipulate their hours, it disrupts scheduling and workflow planning. For instance, if a technician dishonestly clocks extra hours, they may not be available when needed for urgent service calls, leading to delays and dissatisfied customers.

3. Compliance and Legal Risks

Time fraud also poses compliance and legal risks for field service businesses. Inaccurate timekeeping may result in violations of labor laws and regulations, leading to fines and legal consequences. For instance, if employees express discrepancy for overtime pay due to time theft, the company may face lawsuits for wage and hour violations.

4. Impeded Data Analysis and Decision-Making

Manual time tracking methods hinder data analysis and decision-making processes in field service businesses. With inaccurate attendance records, supervisors lack reliable data to assess employee performance and make informed decisions. If time theft distorts productivity metrics, managers may struggle to identify inefficiencies and implement corrective measures.

Automated Time And Attendance Management With An App

With the advent of mobile app based software solutions, businesses can now equip their field service employees with a convenient way to track their time. These apps offer a user-friendly interface that allows employees to clock in and out with a few taps on their smartphones. 

Moreover, automated time and attendance apps offer a real-time view of the workforce, allowing managers to monitor attendance patterns, identify anomalies, and make necessary adjustments on the fly. This level of transparency and monitoring empowers businesses to proactively manage their field service operations, leading to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

Workforce management apps often come equipped with additional features such as employee scheduling, mileage tracking and real-time tracking. This way, one single field service app can offer multiple solutions for your business. 

Time and attendance tracking methods vary, offering flexibility for employees and efficiency for businesses.

  • Employees have the option to call into an IVR system from the job site to record their arrival and departure.
  • They can also scan a QR code set up by the business at the job site.
  • Using a mobile app on their phone, employees can easily signal their arrival and departure by punching in or out.
  • Businesses can automate the entire time and attendance process using technologies like Geofencing. By attaching geofences to job sites, the system automatically records time when employees enter or leave the site, allowing employees to focus on their tasks while the system handles attendance tracking seamlessly.

Time and Attendance: Facility Management

For a property management company overseeing multiple residential complexes, each property has its unique set of maintenance requirements and service schedules. In the past, the reliance on manual timesheets or verbal reports from field technicians created a web of inefficiencies and uncertainties in tracking their time and attendance.

Picture this: precise records detailing the exact arrival times of technicians at every property, meticulous tracking of time allocation for specific tasks, and comprehensive data on their departure times. This is easily possible with the integration of an advanced time tracking software. 

Real-time information not only revolutionizes the payroll process by ensuring accuracy and timeliness but also serves as a strategic tool for pinpointing operational bottlenecks. 

Moreover, the implementation of this cutting-edge technology empowers managers to instantaneously validate attendance, optimize task assignments based on technician availability, and expedite response times to resident requests. 

The result? Streamlined workflows, heightened productivity, and elevated levels of customer satisfaction.

Time and Attendance: Construction Crew Management 

The construction industry often faces unique workforce management challenges due to the dynamic nature of project sites and diverse teams. Traditionally, construction companies relied on manual timesheets or punch cards, resulting in inaccuracies, buddy punching, and a significant administrative burden.

By adopting an automated time and attendance solution, construction companies can overcome these challenges and achieve operational excellence.

Imagine a construction company utilizing an app that enables workers to clock in and out using their smartphones. By leveraging geofencing technology, the app ensures that employees can only record their attendance when they are on the project site. This eliminates the possibility of inaccurate attendance records and helps combat time theft. 

A significant requirement of construction companies are dynamic pay rates for the workers. Time and attendance software such as allGeo can provide a solution in various ways- 

  • Route-Based Pay: GPS tracking can monitor crew members’ routes to different construction sites. This data ensures fair pay and compensation.
  • Hourly Rate Adjustments: Track hours worked accurately with the allGeo app. Managers can adjust hourly rates for tasks requiring specialized skills or involving higher risks. Based on this, the data will be sent to your payroll management system. 

Time and Attendance: Home Healthcare

The home healthcare market is expected to reach $383.0 billion by 2028. This growth is driven by an aging population and the desire for personalized care in familiar surroundings. Time and attendance management for home healthcare workers is critical to ensure seamless service delivery and accurate billing.

A significant use case of time and attendance management in the home healthcare industry is labor employment law compliance. 

Beginning June 1, 2024, California’s new home health law mandates an increase in the minimum wage for healthcare workers, including nursing assistants, medical technicians, and janitorial staff, to $23 per hour. By 2026, this wage is slated to rise to $25 per hour.

These adjustments underscore the necessity for enhanced automated payroll management. Given the implementation deadline for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) in California has passed, it’s probable that your system is already in place. To ensure adherence to labor laws, consider adopting an EVV software that integrates with your existing payroll management system. 

By implementing an automated time and attendance app, home healthcare agencies can now accurately track the time spent by caregivers or nurses in each patient’s home. This data enables the agency to bill accurately and allocate resources efficiently. 

Additionally, remote monitoring features in some time and attendance apps enable real-time notifications when a caregiver has arrived or left a patient’s home, ensuring proper care and enhancing patient safety.

Time and Attendance: Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, time and attendance management is crucial to ensure efficient production schedules, accurately calculate labor costs, and maintain compliance with labor regulations.

In the manufacturing industry, where the workforce is dynamic and often on the move, QR Code technology offers versatile solutions. 

It enables the monitoring of field employees, tracking of activities and tasks performed in the field, as well as the monitoring of manufacturing processes and real-time data collection in warehouses using mobile devices. Employees can conveniently utilize smartphones or tablets to scan QR codes, fill out mobile forms, track manufacturing processes across different stages, and access data efficiently.

QR codes in manufacturing can facilitate the seamless punching in and out of workers upon their arrival at manufacturing facilities by simply scanning the code at the job site. For workers without mobile phones or those who forget them, Crew Punching allows supervisors to check them in, either individually or as a group.

In instances where workers forget to punch in or out upon arrival or departure from the job site, an alert can be triggered to notify the supervisor, enabling timely resolution of the issue.

Key Features To Consider In a Time & Attendance Management App

When selecting an automated time and attendance solution for your field service business, it is essential to consider the key features that will meet your specific needs. Here are some essential features to look out for:

Customization and exception monitoring

Look for a solution that offers customization options to adapt to your specific needs. The ability to define overtime rules, holiday pay rates, and exceptions ensures accurate payroll calculations and compliance with labor regulations. 

Monitoring exceptions and ensuring compliance becomes challenging for businesses as their field teams scale beyond 100+ employees. Automating this process, including real-time escalations, can lead to significant savings and operational efficiencies.

Here are the types of exceptions monitoring that businesses may require:

  • Employees are permitted to check in only when they are within 100 yards of the job site.
  • Employees can only check out after spending a minimum of 30 minutes at the job site.
  • Employees must be reminded to take periodic breaks and lunch based on State regulations.
  • Employees are automatically clocked out after designated hours to prevent overtime costs.

Editable reports sent to payroll software

Even with automated solutions, occasional errors or discrepancies may arise in time and attendance reports. When it comes to editing these reports before submitting them to payroll, flexibility is key. A robust time and attendance system should provide an intuitive interface that allows for quick and easy editing of attendance data. This feature saves time and minimizes the chances of errors, ensuring accurate and timely payroll processing. 

Time and attendance reports sent to Payroll frequently require editing to correct errors or incomplete information. When employees forget to check out from a job site or check in later than their actual arrival time, supervisors must manually adjust data for job costing reports. Consequently, supervisors must have the capability to review and rectify reports before submitting them to payroll.

Real-time map view with summarized breadcrumb report

Having a real-time view of your field service employees can be invaluable in ensuring efficient operations and timely customer service. Look for a time and attendance solution that offers a live map view, incorporating a summarized breadcrumb report. This feature allows managers to track employee movements, identify potential bottlenecks, and make proactive decisions to optimize resource allocation and service delivery.

Employees simply need to carry their mobile phones with a tracking mobile app enabled. They can proceed with their tasks without interacting with the app, as Geofence technology handles the tracking. The apps should only track during work hours to safeguard employee privacy.

Multilingual support

Having a time and attendance app, such as allGeo with multilingual support ensures inclusivity and accessibility for all employees, regardless of their language preferences. It eliminates barriers to communication, promotes compliance with local regulations, and enhances efficiency by facilitating seamless interaction between managers and staff.

Furthermore, adopting such a software solution opens doors for business expansion into new geographical locations, increases diversity within the workforce, and provides a competitive edge in multicultural markets. By catering to a broader audience and fostering an inclusive work environment, the company can attract top talent, expand its customer base, and strengthen its position in an increasingly globalized economy.


Automating your field service business employees’ time and attendance management is a game-changer in today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape. By embracing modern technology, businesses can unlock substantial benefits. From accurate payroll calculations to improved resource allocation, automated solutions streamline operations, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance with labor regulations. 

Whether you are in facility management, construction, home healthcare, manufacturing, or any other field industry there is an automated time and attendance solution that can revolutionize your workforce management processes. Take the leap and experience the transformative power of automating your field service business employees’ time and attendance management today.

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