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5 Ways Time Tracking Can Help You Find Work Life Balance

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Today, more and more people are drawn to activities that have been proven to guarantee them a better quality of life. To achieve this, they’re looking at business practices that guarantee work-life balance, creating less time-draining workplaces.

But maintaining a work-life balance is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. Work-life balance has been an issue that employees and businesses alike are dealing with now; which causes them to focus on how to get it right. 

In a survey conducted by Deloitte, almost three-quarters (77%) said that they were experiencing burnout in their current careers. The survey also showed that 91 percent of respondents said the quality of their work suffers when they are under stress or frustrated.

Thus, maintaining a work-life balance is essential to achieve increased productivity and effective time management. Many studies have been conducted on time tracking in various industries to improve the effectiveness of employees. These studies show that a lot of companies face challenges in creating less time and energy-draining workplaces. 

Time tracking is one of the most efficient ways businesses use to improve efficiency and productivity inside the workplace. It helps managers gain a full picture of how employees interact with their workplaces by capturing their on-job data.

Time-tracking software is a great asset for businesses. Not only does it keep business owners on track with their employees’ productivity, but it enhances work-life balance as well. Here are some ways that time tracking can help you find work-life balance and achieve better results at work.

1. Job Flexibility

Successful time management is vital to surviving in today’s competitive world. The basic idea behind the process is this: to make sure that you’re giving each project or task the amount of attention it deserves.

But time tracking can mean the difference between getting your work done or not. It’s one of the key ways that employers can monitor how efficient their employees are and what tasks need to be scaled up and down. 

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Time tracking is an advantage for employers and employees, to ensure quality work and meet deadlines. There are several ways automated time-tracking can help in providing work-life balance. 

  • Easy payroll calculation
  • Access employee data anytime, anywhere
  • Schedule client visits or task 
  • Schedule break/lunchtime 

2. Efficient Time Management

It is well known that time-tracking software has the potential to bring out time management at work. This software provides employees working in various jobs with a comprehensive record of their company’s productivity. This can allow them to identify how their efforts contribute to improving their company’s bottom line.

The traditional notion of time-tracking software would be that it just records in and out of time. But with the right app, you can give back the state of balance your employees are striving for.

With an efficient time management process, you will be able to:

  • See your employees’ job schedule 
  • Prioritize their tasks
  • Help in reducing workload

3. Increasing Employee Engagement

The lack of balance in the workplace can be detrimental to the level of employee engagement and productivity. These in turn lead to low morale and lower-quality work output. 

Thus, overcoming these challenges is essential to gain a better perspective of your employees’ work. Different from the basic time tracking method, which involves entering each task and event into software, allGeo helps you track hours and calculate the duration of each job.

The employee tracking system provides you with 

  1. Identification of productive working hours 
  2. Automatic reminders to take a break 
  3. Dynamic reports to give an overview of the project completion including the number of hours/days etc.
  4. Automatic job scheduling to manage the workload of employees. 

The efficiency of tracking when employees are working, as well as their actual performance, will lead to higher engagement, which can have a positive impact on overall performance.

4. Smart Reminders 

Working in more than one place, and meeting deadlines, it is normal to feel tired and stressed. We are so occupied with work that we forget about our own needs, like taking a break once a day or schedule breaks into our day. 

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As per the survey by Deloitte, 66% of the employees mentioned missing meals due to work stress.

If you do not arrange for regular breaks and privileges during working hours, your employees will feel less motivated towards their work. In this case, you might face problems related to lack of focus and lost productivity because they are feeling stressed out or tired all the time.

In any workplace, the issue of time management is often one that is overlooked. Not tracking the time spent on certain tasks leads to problems with work-life balance. 

Thus, tracking work time is important for everyone, especially for employees who work in different fields. In this manner, employers can make sure that their employees are working enough hours and not going over the limit by having good software like allGeo. 

5. Just the right field worker solution 

Managing field workers is one of the most stressful tasks, especially if you’re managing employees working on different job sites. Working with time-tracking solutions may just be what your company needs to manage this challenge successfully.

Having the right time-tracking solutions for your field employees is crucial in maximizing efficiency and production. From the site of your choice, you can assign jobs and monitor the process from start to finish. You can also track mileage, automatically calculate the total time worked, and much more!

Not only does it allow you to keep track of time spent on different job sites but provides real-time reports on projects. Basically, it helps managers with independent contractors do their job more effectively.

6. Streamlining Payroll 

Time tracking software eliminates the manual calculation of employee time for batch payroll processing, making it easier to identify problems relating to omissions and inaccuracies. 

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It can help to automate various employee tasks thereby bringing efficiency to your payroll department. The software integrates with many payroll providers and handles all the timestamps electronically. 

According to a study conducted by Netsuite in 2020, 93% of employees in the US said that their paychecks were always delivered on schedule due to business and productivity tools such as time tracking. 

With time tracking software, establishing accurate employee hours and billing is as easy as entering a few lines of data into your payroll software. An employee’s time is tracked automatically, giving you an accurate idea of how long they work. This makes it easier to manage payroll and produce timely payments.

In some industries, employers may want to make sure they are within their legal obligations by ensuring they do not overlook anything during the payroll processing process.


Work-life balance impacts all levels of management. The power of time management is often overlooked. With good time management, you have the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines while doing those tasks in the best way possible. 

Inability to resolve this problem will make your employees experience stress, and lose focus on the work. It is quite challenging to maintain a work-life balance but with the proper use of time-tracking systems, it won’t be too difficult. Time tracking will also help you gather valuable data about your productivity, allowing you to recognize areas that need improvement.

With an effective time tracking tool, managers can quickly and efficiently allocate their workforce to tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner and reward them for their efforts. Further tracking will also provide employees with insights into how they can improve their performance and help them predict milestones more accurately.

To get started with time tracking, check out allGeo. This tool will help you and your employees achieve a healthy balance between your personal life and your professional life.

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