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Time Sheet Software Evolution: How You Can Track More than Just Time

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Time sheets, what was known as time books back in the19th century has been the way for employers to track worker’s time spent on various jobs. Traditionally, what was a mere sheet of paper with marked columns or tables, has now evolved into digital templates that can be stored and shared via worker’s phones using time sheet software and apps.

If you are still using paper time sheets, or a premise (read primitive) based punch-in system you should probably consider upgrading to the electronic time sheets software for your employee time tracking process. Here is why:

1.Helps avoid payroll ‘slippage’

Payroll ‘slippage’ is a well-known thing. But did you know, it is estimated that most mobile businesses lose an average of 6.1% in payroll “slippage” (inaccurate claims) and fraudulent claims every year (that’s excluding mileage). So chances are, your business is too.

Modern electronic time sheet software automatically records time and location for workers when they clock In and Out, which avoids any slippage due to inaccurate and fraudulent claims. Best of class software systems provide these capabilities in addition to ensuring complete employee privacy controls.

2. Helps eliminate the Good old buddy punch!

Yes, you know it! For those who don’t, this is when an employee clocks in their friend who is late for work.

Upgrading to modern time sheet software will let you save up to 5 percent on gross payroll annually by eliminating buddy punching. The best of class software systems do this by providing alerts on attendance events in the field thus helping the back office to quickly identify and correct such patterns.

3. Efficient Payroll Process

Modern electronic time sheets can make the payroll process more efficient: they make the costs visible and readily available, so you can analyze and lower them. These systems also help automate billing and invoicing, saving you time and eliminates human errors.

With modern Time Clocking software systems you can upload customers, jobs and tasks – so you’ll know how much time was spent on each job for which customer. This information can be synced automatically to your accounting software say QuickBooks, automating your entire payroll process.

4. The Ease of use

Electronic time sheet software can be stressful for your employees especially since a lot of these web-based systems are not flexible – and have a steep learning curve.

allGeo’s unique advantage is in its flexibility. The ‘Zero-Touch‘ Automatic Time Clocking automatically checks employees in and out of job sites during their workday and then sends daily activity reports to management. This low hassle feature provides payroll information and eliminates the need to train (and remind) employees on how to use an app.

Employees could also choose the easy Text-based time clocking service (‘Geotagged messaging’) that works on all phones – from flip phones to smartphones. Requires no apps or data plans.


In conclusion, the evolution of time sheet software has revolutionized the way employers track employee time and attendance. What was once a simple sheet of paper has transformed into sophisticated digital templates and applications that offer numerous advantages.

By transitioning from traditional paper-based time sheets or outdated punch-in systems to electronic timesheet software, businesses can avoid payroll “slippage” caused by inaccurate or fraudulent claims. The software automatically records time and location, providing accurate data and minimizing the potential for errors or dishonesty. Additionally, modern timesheet software helps eliminate the practice of buddy punching, saving businesses up to 5 percent on gross payroll annually. 

Efficiency is another benefit of electronic timesheets. They streamline the payroll process, making costs visible and readily available for analysis and cost reduction. These systems also automate billing and invoicing, saving time and reducing the likelihood of human errors. Integration with accounting software, such as QuickBooks, further simplifies and automates the entire payroll process. 

Furthermore, the ease of use is a crucial factor in adopting timesheet software. allGeo’s flexible approach, including features like “Zero-Touch” Automatic Time Clocking and text-based time clocking, ensures that employees can easily adapt to the software without the need for extensive training or complicated app usage. This simplicity enhances employee compliance and minimizes potential stress associated with using new technologies.

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