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4 Ways to Boost Sales Rep Productivity using Mobile Forms

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Sales and support reps in a variety of industries, such as wholesale distribution, manufacturing, or consumer surveys have traditionally been using paper forms to record their field activities, e.g. sales disposition forms, dealership enquiry form, work order forms, and customer survey forms.  Some of these users are also using digital variations of these forms, PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets.

But these methods have been prone to errors that only multiply as sales operations scale.  Errors range from data entry mistakes to plain old “dog ate my forms.” Transcribing hand-scribbled notes while on the road is also challenging.  Old-school digital technologies (pdfs, excels) have helped with mitigating some of these issues.

However, these order entry methods cost an enormous amount of time and money.  For sales reps in the field, handwriting orders on a form can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Paper printouts of relevant sales docs, including catalogues, is also very expensive and wasteful.  All these limitations reduce the productivity of the sales reps while also impacting customer satisfaction.

To truly capitalize on modern-day tools these customer service and field sales reps need to transition to the mobile phones and apps, with always-on connectivity and access to up-to-date customer information at their fingertips.

Companies with sales reps are turning to mobile apps to utilize advanced form capabilities that have previously been unavailable. Apps can store forms and other related data in the secure and reliable cloud system. Form data can be available on multiple systems for multiple users with easily shared evolving information in real time. Additionally, automation allows the configuration of alerts based on data inputted in real time, notifying management when further actions are needed.

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Never encounter another case of the human error that can take place when using paper forms.The flexibility offered by creating, editing, and sharing personalized forms in real-time establishes mobile forms as an advantageous supplement in any industry with field service monitoring, notably within sales positions.

Mobile forms improve the accountability and productivity of your sales representatives by allowing them to:

Update Forms in Real-Time

Build highly customizable forms to use in the sales process. Input your own formatting, rich media, and adjust text and numeric fields. These forms can be updated easily and allow your sales rep to promptly adjust to any situation.

Schedule Appointments

Dispatch up-to-date assignments to sales reps with relevant information such as list of customer visits to make, best route information for these stops, and up-to-date customer-specific tasks.  All of this can be delivered via a mobile form(s).

Fill Custom Forms

Read customer-specific assignment details in the form.  Take notes and other sales disposition Information on the spot. Handle evolving information with ease. Change quantity values, product descriptions, and more on the forms you need. Include notes, high-quality pictures, and even collect customer signatures electronically. Eliminate the time-consuming process of updating information on multiple platforms.

Real-Time Alerts and Routing of Information

Email filled out forms to the relevant departments to save time in order processing.  Create real-time escalation to finance and management departments to get approval on special customer quotes.


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