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Boost Productivity and Efficiency in Facilities Management With Automation Trends

4 min read During 2023, real estate proprietors, managers, and facilities maintenance crews faced many challenges. From elevated interest rates, continued sustainability initiatives, and a renewed push for returning to office spaces, all of these factors changed the landscape of building management. The facilities management market is expected to reach a valuation of $201.63 billion by 2024. Looking […]

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How Can a Facility Manager Leverage allGeo Features?

4 min read In a single day, a facility manager has to oversee multiple requirements. These include keeping a close eye on expenses, sourcing and managing vendors and allocating tasks to the on-ground workers. However, it can become challenging to manage portfolios of multiple properties, spread across the country spanning different time zones. A slight mismanagement or delay […]

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A comprehensive facility inspection service is the need of the hour

4 min read Facility inspection has become a lot more complex with the advent of COVID. Customers of facility management companies are asking for more rigorous inspections along with documentation and proof of service. Most facility management companies have some sort of inspection protocol in place but now they need to take it to the next level. How […]

7 min read

WELL & LEED certification: The new challenges facing Facilities Management businesses

7 min read Facility Management companies are facing new challenges with the increasing demand for sustainable buildings. Facility management businesses have always been inspecting and checking buildings to ensure compliance with certain standards or checklists.  But now, the burden on Facility management companies is going up both in terms of the rigorousness and frequency of the building inspections […]

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Property Management Apps: Key Benefits and Features to Look for when Deciding

3 min read Property management representatives in a variety of industries, such as real estate, facility management, storage management, commercial property management, have traditionally used paper forms to record their field activities, e.g. property evaluation forms, rental applications, contract agreements, and more. These methods have been prone to errors that only multiply as the use case becomes larger. […]


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