Time is money. Who knows this better than the hourly workforce? The more time you spend on the job (working), the more you get paid. Traditionally, clocking in and out of work (the job site) has been carried out through punch-card machines, paper timesheets logs, and swipe cards. But keeping track of billable hours and processing of payroll through these methods has always been a tedious and time-consuming and error-prone task for the back-office operations.

Let us take a look at some modern ways to stay on top of time-tracking and processing of payroll:

Time Clock Software

Modern Time clock software are very affordable and offer highly efficient means to track time, even for small businesses! Here’s how a typical solution works: It allows employees to check in and check out across your company’s network with a click of a button. It also allows them to log both billable and non-billable hours.

Clock-In Clock-Out through App

With modern time clock apps like allGeo, the employees’ smartphones can be transformed into portable time clocks by simply downloading and installing the app on their device. This will help them to clock in and out as soon as they start and finish their job. Saving a lot of time on paperwork for both employees as well as the employer.

Time Clock through IVR

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response and as the name suggests is a voice-based system where the employee or the worker who is usually remote or works at client’s or customer’s place, is able to clock in/out by placing a phone call to a dedicated phone number. The employee just follows the voice prompts to log their time and attendance. Smart systems like allGeo can provide location data about the place from where the phone call was made!

Time Clock through SMS

Provide your employees with easy access to clock in and out directly from their mobile phone by using text messaging. The employee simply sends in their text command to clock in/out. Such systems can log their times based on the incoming message and the command used. Some smart systems like allGeo can do more than just logging the time, it will also record/log the place from where the message was sent. This way the employer can check or any fraudulent behaviors (such as employees clock in from home etc.).


allGeo is a cloud-hosted, carrier-grade location and messaging platform that helps SMB and Enterprise businesses better manage their mobile employees by improving productivity and accountability, while reducing payroll and operations costs with solutions such as GPS tracking & time clock, Lone worker safety, Automation of field activity monitoring, Mobile forms & data collection including signature, notes, pictures, barcode/QR code, etc. The allGeo platform enables these solutions across a wide range of industries such as field service management, trade services, emergency responders, sales reps, transportation & logistics and home health care providers.

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