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How to Setup a QR Code Attendance Tracking App For Your Mobile Workforce?

Attendance Tracking using QR Code
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Employee management consumes a significant portion of time and resources for field service businesses. A substantial and common pain point is attendance tracking. Due to the mobile nature of the workforce, it can be difficult to determine their presence at the designated location and time.

Whether you aim to decrease staff absenteeism, have accurate daily records, maintain attendance log times or all three, a QR code attendance app is the solution for your field services business.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend of adopting attendance apps using QR code. Adding to this is the ease of scanning QR codes using the phone’s inbuilt camera, without the need for a third-party app. Similarly, generating a QR code for attendance has also become equally seamless with services like allGeo.

An app for attendance tracking proves to be more efficient than traditional pen-and-paper methods, offering the added advantage of providing comprehensive information about each employee’s attendance. This includes details such as the employee’s name, location, and the specific task they are performing.

Furthermore, the introduction of QR code technology enables employees to conveniently clock their attendance using smartphones or tablets. This eliminates the need to manually record individual ID numbers daily, as a single QR code scan suffices for each employee. In this blog we will delve into a crucial solution that ensures QR code-based attendance tracking, empowering you to maximize your bottom line.

allGeo’s Time Clocking & Attendance Tracking Using QR Codes

allGeo’s time clocking feature tracks employee time and attendance by combining GPS tagging with the precision of QR codes.

QR codes have gained widespread adoption across various field services, allowing for seamless tracking of field staff’s time and attendance, as well as monitoring task progress at different job sites. Time and attendance app using QR codes even enables the customization of workflows to align with your company’s specific requirements. The GPS tagging system adds an extra layer of authenticity, providing location-based verification. 

allGeo prioritizes and safeguards employees’ right to privacy while effectively tracking their attendance.

To ensure transparency and protect employees’ privacy, employers must establish a comprehensive policy that communicates the presence of employee time-tracking software on their devices. This policy should inform employees about the functionality of the app, specifically its ability to monitor their location during work hours.

Setting Up a QR Code Attendance Tracking

There are two most common ways of setting up your QR code system for attendance-

  1. Physical display at the job site entrance

    Start by creating a form that collects users’ details for marking attendance. You can use tools like Google Forms or Jotforms to create this form easily. Once the form is ready, generate a link for it.Next, generate a QR code that links to the form. This QR code can be printed or displayed at the entrance of your workplace. Employees can then use their smartphones or other QR code scanning devices to scan the code and access the form.However, this method does not eliminate the risks of buddy punching. You can create interactive forms with the allGeo QR time and attendance app. Employees will be required to provide additional proof of their presence. They can capture a selfie or a signature, both geo-tagged with time and location data, serving as concrete evidence of their attendance.To ensure durability, the printed QR codes can be laminated using lamination pouches.Once the QR codes are attached to each job site, they enable real-time tracking of employee time and attendance. Managers can conveniently generate comprehensive time and attendance reports at the end of each day or payroll period, utilizing the data captured through the QR code scans.

    2. Personalized QR Codes

    You can save your employees the repetitive task of entering their details for attendance logs every day. Using pre-filled form links, generate a QR code for each employee. This method works for small businesses. However, for medium-large field service businesses, allGeo offers personalized and bulk QR code generation.

    With the QR code generator, you can easily generate personalized QR codes for all employees. These can be customized to contain various types of information, such as text, images, photos, or even signatures to authenticate each employee’s attendance.

    By incorporating your company’s logo or branding elements, you can customize the QR codes through white-labeling, thereby amplifying your brand’s presence. This approach not only imparts a professional aesthetic but also strengthens your brand identity, serving as a powerful tool for enhancing your overall branding efforts.

    You can even control the size of the generated QR codes, ensuring they are visually appealing and easily scannable. Adjust the dimensions based on your specific requirements and where the QR codes will be displayed (eg: Employees’ physical ID card).

    In addition to generating individual QR codes, the bulk generate feature enables you to create multiple QR codes at once. This saves time and effort, especially when you need to generate a large number of codes for various locations or equipment within your organization.


In conclusion, employee monitoring software or simply QR code-based attendance tracking systems in field services businesses has become increasingly important in today’s digital age. The efficiency and convenience offered by QR codes address the unique challenges faced by these businesses, such as tracking employee attendance in remote locations or on the move.

By implementing QR code-based attendance systems, field service businesses can streamline their attendance tracking procedures, eliminate laborious paperwork, and alleviate administrative burdens. Additionally, the adoption of such technology can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for multiple individuals to monitor and log attendance. Choose the right QR code time clocking software to optimize your operations and enhance overall productivity.

Depending on the nature of your workforce, you can select the suitable method of attendance management.

If you have specified job sites where your employees report every day, a physical QR code may suit better for your attendance management. For instance, in case of a construction site, you can get a QR code put for the workers to scan everyday.

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