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How Managers and Employees can Improve Field Performance through Visual Analytics

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How do your employees spend their workday? How much time is spent in various jobs? Which job takes most of their time? Any such questions about their daily activities need absolute answers backed by data. You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Since time doesn’t discriminate, this data can give you surprising and inspiring insights. There are many methods with which you can record and measure your employees’ daily activities. However, meticulous data entry can even kill productivity. This makes it crucial for you to engage with the best-suited tool for a detailed breakdown of your workdays.

For your field service employees, they will need the right tool to get a better understanding of their workday as a whole. While selecting a tool, make sure that you choose one that they will use instead of a tool that might lie unutilized. They have to like using the tool or it will end up in an “unused tools drawer”. Therefore, choosing the right tool is critical.

If you choose a complex tool that requires more maintenance, it can hamper your employees’ productivity and not serve its purpose of use successfully. The simplest solution will be easy and intuitive to use, giving you the valuable data you need without being cumbersome. Bloated, complex tools will only serve to slow them down.

No matter how simple your tool of choice is, if it isn’t with you at all times, you will not be able to use it. So it’s important to make sure that the tool you select is with your employees at all times so that they can use it as and when required. Your field service employees can’t use a desktop tool to track their day.

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With the tool, managers can identify points of growth – the breaks, start/ end of tasks.  Having a tool at hand can help the manager minimize the time required to understand what employees are doing and the scope of productivity. It can enable the managers in optimizing the distribution of tasks, adjust the schedule, and simplify a number of processes. Corroborate data to questions like how much time are employees spending working on a project? What exactly do they do during this time? With what tasks does a particular specialist cope well?

allGeo simplifies real-time automatic time tracking for you. It allows your field service employees to break down their hours by projects and tasks to help you see what’s working and what’s holding them back. It gives you a dashboard summary view of your activities measured against the time spent on those activities. Field service employees find it useful since it gives an overview of their day in a one-page view form.

Field employees can add the different stages of their work status with their last updated time and date. In a color-coded donut chart, the dashboard shows the amount of time that is spent on a given stage or task. The tool can be efficiently used to Update, Organize and Present a day’s Data.

As required, it allows you to add attachments in various formats to support your tasks. Real-time line visibility is essential for optimal performance. The dashboards allow you to see exactly what is happening with time and tasks with supporting attachments. The app also gives you an SOS button for emergencies.

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The feature-based on real-time data quickly provides you with a comprehensive picture of your field service employees’ day’s performance. There may be problems with your process of work, which occur under your nose. But except for sensitive data, do not miss the warning signs. The dashboard will help you to identify and analyze a problem-solving trend before it becomes a major, productivity problem. It also gives managers fast and accurate data between working groups and departments.

In the technologically advanced data-driven world that we live in, dashboards have become an essential commodity for business rather than an impractical luxury. It is becoming increasingly important for businesses and employees to use data effectively to make informed decisions to improve productivity, and dashboards facilitate this process exponentially.

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