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Time and Attendance complexities and how modern solutions can solve these

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How do you keep track of time and attendance? Do you use a third-party solution? Do they have a friendly mobile app, or are you still using paper timesheets? If so, how do you reconcile them with payroll data?

Implementing proper time and attendance tracking across your organization can include complex scenarios. No one can deny the current and rapid pace of change in business. It is important to have the right tools to manage your workforce.

When it comes to payroll management, businesses are always looking for ways to simplify their payroll processes and maximize profitability. By leveraging an automated field service management system, time and attendance can be streamlined, which ultimately allows businesses the ability to streamline their payroll processes.

The biggest barrier that companies have to deal with is an obsolete system not just for tracking employee clock-ins, but for managing their field service in general. The main challenges that companies face with their current time and attendance tracking platforms include manual errors, lack of integration between operations and payroll, and the inability to demonstrate compliance with wage and hour laws. Time and Attendance software workflows should eliminate the complexities of these areas and make processes smoother and not the other way around. Companies spend too much time on the systems that are supposed to help simplify processes. Thousands of man-hours are spent on dealing with Time and Attendance software workflows that complicate processes instead of simplifying them, which results in heavy admin work, manual errors, unproductive steps, and compliance risks.

Kinds of complexities

How can businesses ensure that employees are at the right place at the right time?

Businesses operating across multiple sites can find it challenging to ensure that staff members are where they should be, especially when you do it through obsolete systems. With inefficient systems, you cannot be successful in keeping track of employee locations and clock-ins leading to time theft, gaps in operations, and inaccuracies in payroll.

Time and Attendance tracking of staff members who work in multiple locations in a day:

There are many companies that are having problems with keeping track of their staff who work in multiple locations or job sites in a day. They need a well-organized system that can automatically track such clock-ins without having any issues and help export timesheets to their payroll system.

You may think that a Time and Attendance software is a one-size-fits-all solution, but it doesn’t work that way. Each organization has its own unique needs when it comes to field service management. This is why it’s important to implement a Time and Attendance software  workflow that can adapt to the growing needs of your organization.

While selecting a field service management platform, you might come across Time and Attendance software  workflows that claim to have the most advanced features, but it might not be of much help if it can’t integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.  It’s only through seamless integrations that you can truly customize the platform to suit your needs and goals. However, a Time and Attendance workflow that can do that for you is hard to come by. That’s why it pays to do your due diligence before implementing a Time and Attendance workflow in your organization.

With an effective system in place, your employees who need to work in two or more different locations in a day can record their start and end times using their own mobile device via GPS clock-in functionality. Time and Attendance workflows can help log that information on the timesheet, which can be easily verifiable and exported to payroll.Too often, you might purchase a one-size-fits-all time and attendance software without properly considering the needs of your business and workforce. A better approach is to use a Time and Attendance software  workflow with configurable workflows that grow and change as your organization does. This approach allows you to get up and running quickly, helps you address problems in real-time instead of trying to fix your existing system, and frees you from having to purchase new software every time your organization’s needs change.

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