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Top 7 Benefits of Employee Time Tracking App in 2023

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An employee time tracking app is a critical aspect of your business workflow for managing and organizing your employees’ time. Why? Because it enables you to know exactly how much time each employee spends on their existing jobs, as well as the total hours worked throughout the week or month. 

You can use this data to analyze whether they are doing any overtime, which departments they spend most of their time in, and even which projects they allocate most of their time to. Furthermore, it helps you set achievable goals, measure team productivity, and improve communication between team members. 

Although there are many different types of employee time tracking, the basic implementation is for identifying how much time your team spends on specific tasks. If a task takes longer than you expect or if no one can complete it in the allotted time frame, weeding out bottlenecks and reducing unnecessary work would help you provide better value for your customers.

Employees working extra hours, not getting paid for those hours. Many such problems can be curbed with proper employee time tracking software. Employee time tracking app allows organizations to identify and resolve issues related to employee performance and productivity.

While working with a field employee, time tracking app will give insights into different job areas like traveling time, resolution time, client visit hours, etc. With such detailed reports in hand, you will be able to mark out the inefficiencies and strategize better. 

If you are looking for a way to manage your workforce more efficiently, an employee time tracking system could be just what you need. 

A well-designed employee time tracking app can improve employee productivity, increase accuracy for payroll processing, maximize budgeting and reduce costs. In this article, we’ll explore how an employee time tracking app can benefit your company.

Employee Time Tracking App Benefits

Increase employee productivity and efficiency

Employee time tracking app can help you increase productivity and efficiency by reducing the need for manual time tracking. The system tracks employee hours, projects, and more in real-time, automatically generating reports that show which employees are spending the most time on each task. 

According to a report, only 20% of a workday is spent performing important tasks, while 80% is spent doing tasks with little to no value. 

This information allows you to identify areas where staff are underperforming or overworking themselves, making it easier to address any issues before they become big problems. It means there’s no need to guess anymore.

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Employee time tracking app tracks not only employee hours but also projects and other areas that managers must manually track today. This means you can make decisions based on real data instead of hunches, saving you valuable time and avoiding errors when it comes to setting goals for your team and keeping track of progress toward those goals.

Improve accuracy for payroll processing

Ensure that your employees are getting their rightful share of pay, which can be done by monitoring the time they spend working on projects or doing any other task that is paid for by your company. In addition to affecting employee morale and client retention, a difference in payroll or billings will raise your costs significantly.

As business processes change, employee time tracking app is a good way to manage projects accurately. It’s a useful tool for employees, managers, and owners who are trying to make sure that their employees are getting paid correctly for their time. 

And businesses that have the tools in place to track employee hours will have a much easier time with payroll processing — making sure their employees get their wages on time and reducing the risk of having payroll errors.

According to a study, it was found that companies using employee time tracking app with payroll features are 44% less likely to commit paycheck errors.

Employee time Tracking Systems also provides a secure platform for administering payrolls as well as other benefits such as:

  • Improved employee health care administration by providing accurate records of employees’ hours worked each week so employers don’t have to rely on incomplete or inaccurate data from their human resources department or tax office;
  • This is a convenient way for employers who have different departments within their organization (for example construction companies) because each department has its own unique set of policies regarding overtime pay requirements;

Maximize your budget and reduce costs

The first and most obvious benefit of employee time tracking is that it helps you calculate your workers’ hours, which will help you determine how much you need to pay them each week or month. This makes it easier for HR managers and supervisors to plan their budgets with greater accuracy.

If all employees start using the employee time tracking app, then their timesheets will automatically be submitted into an accounting system where they are stored until they’re ready for approval by management. This means that there’s no need for extensive training sessions or manual entry of data—you don’t even have to download any additional software.

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Thus, the employee time tracking app works in three ways:
1) it allows you to do all the normal tasks (enter timesheets, clock in and out, print reports, and manual data entry) by automating these processes for you.

2) It records hours, so you don’t have to manually enter them into your spreadsheet or accounting software.

3) It generates productivity reports giving insights on different projects, travel time, etc. In a nutshell, this means that with the time-tracking system, you will be utilizing your resources to maximum efficiency, saving both time and money.

Simplify time-off requests and management

Many organizations use paper calendars and email inboxes to track employee time-off requests and manage sick days. But these tools can quickly get out of sync as employees add additional time off requests or managers discover that requests didn’t go through. 

Using a system like allGeo means all of your employees have their records in one place, it automates the process of creating and submitting leave requests, and you can keep track of who’s on leave during any period. With access to employees’ time off, you will be able to manage the project allocation more efficiently without any backlogs or misunderstandings. 

By using a time tracking system, managers will know the availability of their field employees and can allocate more of their work, leading to higher levels of efficiency.

Furthermore, employees with an automated employee time tracking app will be able to view their entire work history at once, which can help them identify potential errors in payroll information like overtime payouts and vacation credits earned but not used yet. This also provides visibility into whether any changes need to be made before processing payments. 

Automate payroll processes to save time and money

The majority of payroll errors are caused by human error, which can be avoided by automating the process. This means that you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business while your employees’ wages are being processed correctly and on time.

In addition to saving time, automation reduces the chance that miscommunications will occur during manual data entry procedures because there’s no need for manual data entry anymore! Instead, information is entered into a database automatically without any mistakes or omissions (which would cost you money).

Easily create reports and keep track of time off balances

One of the most important benefits of an employee time tracking system is that it allows you to easily create reports and keep track of time off balances. This information can be useful in many ways, including:

  • Payroll – Employees need to know how much they are owed for overtime, vacation, and holidays. If there are any issues with this process, it will become clear immediately and employees will be able to take steps accordingly when necessary.
  • Attendance Tracking – Knowing when an employee is on-call or cannot attend work due to illness will help ensure that no one gets behind on the tasks at hand (and no one else picks up the slack).
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In a nutshell, employee time tracking app helps businesses save money by reducing employee turnover rates and absenteeism by providing accurate reports with detailed breakdowns of how long each employee spends doing certain tasks throughout the day (and night).

Monitor attendance on the go with mobile compatibility

With mobile compatibility, you can monitor time and attendance from anywhere. You could be in the office, but your smartphone still can clock in and out. Not only does this make it easier for your employees, but it also allows them to use their smartphones as electronic time cards. 

This makes it more convenient than traditional paper-based systems where they have to carry around a physical document with their name on it or remember which system they used last time when signing in at the end of each week.

Furthermore, a mobile time tracking app provider like allGeo notifies you as soon as your employees enter the defined jobsite using a geofence-based time clocking system. With this, the requirement to manually check employees’ presence to work every 5 minutes is mitigated and even employees wouldn’t be missing out on punch in/out. Thus, along with easy attendance monitoring the time tracking system automates attendance capturing, resulting in accurate records and a reduction in time theft.


An employee time tracking app has become an essential tool for businesses in 2023, especially field service providers. The top 7 benefits it offers are invaluable, from improved team productivity to better customer service and increased project visibility. 
Time tracking app can help you stay organized and on task, allowing your business to save time and money while increasing efficiency. With the right tools in place, you’ll be able to maximize your potential and make sure every minute of work contributes towards achieving success.

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