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What Is a QR Code Based Time & Attendance Tracker App for Event Staff?

Mobile view of a QR code based attendance tracker app
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Mobile view of a QR code based attendance tracker app

There are few things more chaotic than a packed event. Event organizers know how critical time and attendance tracking is for on-site event staff management. With a configurable time clock solution, you can do just that! If you’re struggling to manage event staff, you’ll want to try a comprehensive attendance tracker app to help you track time with clock in clock out, and integrate with payroll services.

Not only does this app allow organizers to keep a record of their staff’s schedule and work hours, but it also allows them to stay on top of all venue or job site tasks in real-time.

Every business tracks time differently. As an event company, you will have your unique time and attendance tracker app requirements too. That’s why you need a personalized time tracking solution that can help you with unparalleled configurability, allowing you to capture every project detail that’s important to you. Once the platform is configured to your needs, your team can begin logging hours and expenses through our convenient mobile and desktop apps.

If you estimate time correctly, you will also be able to estimate how much your services should cost more accurately. Discrepancies in excess time being spent on services or activities than required can turn out to be an incurred cost.

Introducing QR Code Based Attendance Tracker App

You can use QR code based time tracking tools to closely monitor and track your events with how much time and money is going into them. With real-time data generated by a time tracking tool, you can accurately estimate how many resources a project will need based on similar projects. Time tracking data from past events can help you estimate resources with higher precision.

Real-time tracking is vital to having a successful event. A QR code solution can help you quickly spot trends with one intuitive dashboard – activities, time spent and billed income, and cost reports. This blog will look at different aspects of effortless real-time Time Tracking and Reporting and how it can help streamline your events.

Such a level of collaboration with your team not only allows for a more efficient work environment but also helps to ensure everyone is performing set tasks across job sites. With a QR code solution, you can keep track of time, attendance, and tasks performed at the event, track data with clock-ins and even manage multiple work shifts and overnight shifts. This will help you get a valuable overview of your team’s progress and where improvements can be made.

A comprehensive real-time sync can help you with everything you need to manage your staff while in the field, with mobile and desktop apps. It can help you clock in and out of your shifts, and track tasks in real-time – all while employee hours tracking for payroll services. It also gives you a simplified way to schedule, manage and pay your temporary workers.

How Does a QR Code Time and Attendance Tracker App Help you Manage your Event Staff?

You can easily track attendance with QR codes. It doesn’t just offer simplicity. Infact, it also enhances workforce management.

Timekeeping: Helps you keep an accurate record of the work hours of your event staff.

Absence Management: Keeps track of employee absences so you can manage change in work shifts with payroll integration.

Employee Scheduling: It enables you to create and assign schedules to employees to avoid conflicts and ensure compliance with service level agreements.

Review And Adjust Timesheets: Allows your staff members to review and request their managers to edit their timesheets to avoid payroll discrepancies in the case.

Clock In Clock Out Alerts: Attendance tracker app can be used to send notifications to employees, so they clock in and clock out at designated times.

Mobile App for iOS + Android: Mobile app versions that work on Android and iOS mobile devices for your event staff.

GPS Tracking + Geofencing: Tracking features that prevent employees from clocking in and out away from their designated work areas to avoid inaccurate time clocking.

Additional Benefits of a QR Code Attendance Tracker App

Attendance tracker app offers several other benefits too. Here are a few of them-

Performance Insights

Without insight into how your staff members are performing, you might not be able to successfully manage your teams as well as events. With tracking and monitoring, however, it’s possible to monitor staff productivity and assess field performance more accurately.

Advanced time tracking & attendance tracker apps give you valuable insights into time spent and tasks performed by event staff members. This can help you gauge efficiency and boost the morale of your staff by providing them useful information about their performance.

Along with helping you identify employees who are performing exceptionally, you can also use time trackers to identify strengths and weaknesses across event staff members. With enough data, you can identify patterns in the time spent on specific tasks. Is there any task that is taking more time owing to any impediments? Additionally, on average, how long should it take to complete their tasks? Are they meeting your productivity or performance standards?

This enables you to help anyone who’s been struggling to complete their tasks more efficiently and also identify any impediments.

Manage Workloads

Time tracking can serve as nonverbal communication, especially with a temporary workforce. The temporary workforce might not always be able to communicate about workload in real-time. You can identify these instances and any anomalies with real-time reporting. This will give you the insight you need to relieve some of that pressure. If you’ve already determined their strengths and weaknesses, you’ll know how to delegate tasks among the team members.

Boost Efficiency

Traditional methods of time tracking like manual spreadsheets are tedious for both employers and staff. It takes event organizers and staff members hours to gather, organize, and record timesheets for payroll purposes. The cumbersome activity of manually recording both tasks being performed and the time spent on these tasks can be highly inefficient and time consuming.

However, with accurate time tracking tools that automate much of the process, everyone in the event staff can be productive — from staff to managers to organizers. After manually recording timesheets for payroll, employers don’t have much bandwidth left to analyze them and streamline processes. However, an accurate, automated time tracking tool with payroll integration capabilities can help focus on enhanced productivity and creativity.

Track Task Progress

How efficiently your projects are progressing determines your reputation and the profitability of your event business. If you’re constantly missing deadlines because you underestimated how much time it would take to complete a project, it leads to confusion and conflict. Without efficient task tracking, clients lose faith in your brand.

Confidently Process Payroll

As previously mentioned, traditional time tracking methods are inefficient and inaccurate. That’s why Time Tracking automation is so important. It provides consistent accuracy over long periods of time. Modern time tracking tools use automated time trackers to populate your employees’ timesheets. So, you’re only paying for the time your event staff actually worked, and you’re not relying on manual entries that could be way off.


Attempting to manage your employees, their time, and your events without a QR code time and attendance tracking software is just too time consuming and impractical. It’s certainly doable, but times are changing! With the scale of events today, you need accuracy and consistency.

The insights you can gain from receiving accurate data can help you stay profitable and your employees stay efficient. Follow this link to know more.

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